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Cheez Up embraced the world of music in the early 2000s by creating the Dancehall and Reggae-HipHop band, then called RionsnoiR, based in Brussels City (Belgium).

The birth of his first album was tainted with urban and digital atmospheres, therefore bringing acoustic instruments to his new creations gave the second album a mixed touch of funk, Latin, jazz and rock.

Being the opening act of several bands such as The Gladiators (Jamaica), Dub Inc. (Dub Incorporation, France), or Les Psy4 De La Rhyme (France), gave Cheez Up a broader experience of the musical involvement and decided, with ambition and curiosity, to move from performing on stage to producing film and documentary soundtrack music.

From then on, artistic exchanges were created, including the Italian director Paolo Zucca (Italy), or becoming a member of the video team of the ESA Caves project (European Space Agency) and working on the creation of soundtracks for the installation videos of the contemporary artist Charley Case (Belgium).

Cheez Up dives and stays in the world of cinema by touching on sonorisation, soundtrack creation and video editing.

Thanks to his eclectic career, Cheez Up is positively passionate about music, sound design, soundtrack and film. He aims to give you the best sound for your videos and motion design projects, always filled with energy and new ideas!

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